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Botanicals Revitalising Renewal Mask
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Botanicals Revitalising Renewal Mask

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A nourishing and purifying clay mask which deeply cleanses, drawing out impurities whilst also hydrating, leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and radiant.

French Rose Clay draws out toxins and restores lost minerals whilst organic Rosehip Oil and Rose Geranium essential oils help to regenerate skin cells, hydrate and soothe.

Suitable for: Normal/dry, dehydrated or more mature skin. 

Soil Association certified organic
100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-free
Made with only ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients 


Key Ingredients

French Rose Clay: Restores essential minerals which may have become depleted. Helps to balance the skin’s acid mantle and aids in drawing out toxins and impurities

Organic Rosehip Oil: Has powerful anti-ageing benefits, which work at cellular level to regenerate the skin and improve flexibility. Rosehip is unique among seed oils in containing natural retinol (vitamin A).

Organic Shea Butter: Is one of nature’s wonders. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has powerful skin healing, anti-inflammatory and sun protection properties. It is easily absorbed by the skin, which will feel noticeably softer and fuller after use.

Organic Rose Geranium: Has skin regenerative properties to benefit dry and dehydrated skin, whilst keeping skin supple, balanced and soothed

Organic Jojoba Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids to soften, condition and retain moistures levels within the skin. (Jojoba mimics the skin’s natural oil - sebum.)

How to Use

Remove a small amount from the jar with a spatula and melt between the finger-tips of both hands. Smooth over your skin using circular movements, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Wait for ten minutes and remove with a disposable organic cloth or cotton pads, squeezed out in warm water.