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It’s A Trend!

by Dont Scratch on January 11, 2023

Skincare is becoming the fastest growing category in the beauty industry with micro-trends bridging the gap between skincare and wellness.

No longer is your skincare routine just a daily necessity; instead its an opportunity to indulge in self care!

I am so excited to see that Experts and leading Dermatologists are in agreement that Sensitive Skincare will be in the top ten skincare trends for 2023 and we are here for it!

A lot of people confuse Sensitive Skin for those suffering with Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis and these types of reactive skin conditions however this isn’t always the case.

While this is true, our skin is also triggered by stress, anxiety and over use of active ingredients like exfoliating acids, causing skin sensitivity and let’s face it all of the above are on the rise.

While social media is an amazing tool it can also add a lot of stress and anxiety to our daily lives, feeling like you have to achieve the ‘perfect life’.  While in reality, the stress of feeling like you can ‘do it all’ is having a detrimental effect on our wellbeing.

Be the best parent, feed your kids nothing but organic foods, have an amazing career, have a spotless house, go to the gym, be a size 8, be the perfect wife/husband …. The list is endless!

Is it any wonder that the populations skin is breaking out more than normal and skin sensitivity is on the rise.  I feel myself breaking out in hives just thinking about it!

FINALLY the rest of the world is realising that we just don’t need all the harsh and harmful chemicals that are in many skincare brands to keep our skin looking youthful, glowing and most of all healthy.

People are now understanding that pure, active and organic ingredients are every bit as effective as acids, and chemicals.

We have all been there, adding layers and layers of products to our skin after an over enthusiastic exfoliation session leaving our skin sore, itchy and inflamed.

What you really need to focus on is cutting back on the chemically active ingredients and focus on those that smooth and hydrate instead.

Ingredients that will play an important role on your journey to happy and healthy skin are ceramides, omega fatty acids, probiotics, gentle vitamin C and peptides.  All of which will provide soothing comfort and skincare benefits at the same time!

In a world that we are all determined to reduce our consumption of harmful chemicals, eat organic foods, drink less alcohol and treat ‘our body as our temple’, why should we treat our skin any differently!

I am truly excited to see how the skincare wold is going to change and how the advancements in natural skincare is going to change a lot of peoples lives for the better.