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About us

We are a family of 4 whose mission is to offer a resolution for all those suffering from sensitive skin conditions, giving you and your skin the life you both deserve.

My husband has always suffered from sensitive skin which he treated with topical steroids. I could always see that he was in pain although It wasn’t until i had my first child that I really understood how much pain this condition can cause.

As a mother, all we want to do is protect our little people from anything that might hurt or harm them.

Hello ECZEMA ….

To sit and watch your baby scratch their skin until it bleeds is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The mum guilt I felt was crazy, that I couldn’t just fix it! Especially as a first time mum who was supposed to ‘know everything’!

We have paid hundreds if not thousands, of pounds on private appointments which ultimately led to a treatment plan involving some type of steroid.

While the steroids worked, they did so until we stopped using them!

After seeing that my husband’s skin barrier had completley broke down through the use of topical steroids, we decided to stop them and go the natural route. This is when I discovered the huge benefits that can be gained by using skincare that has no nasties in it, that is pure and kind to the skin!

During an intense flare up that involved both the boys, I decided I had to try and do something to help those suffering as we were. This is when Don’t Scratch was born.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best skincare brands on the market that are suitable for ALL skin types. I know from experience that the hours spent googling for the ‘miracle cream’ can be relentless - let us be your one and only search!

As a trained and practicing therapist, we also offer a range of facial and body treatments that can be tailored to suit all skin types. If you are interested in booking a consultation, please contact us via email