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Made by Coopers Calm Room Spray
Made by Coopers Calm Room Spray
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Made by Coopers Calm Room Spray


This bestselling Calm Room Mist from Made by Coopers is made to be spritzed around your home or onto your pillow to promote relaxation and a great night's sleep.

Key Ingrediants

  • Organic Lavender -  Alleviates anxiety and stress
  • Frankincense -  Calming and relaxing
  • Bergamot -  Boosts mood, relieves stress
  • Rosemary -  Dispels negativity, boosts self esteem
  • Ylang Ylang -  Great stress reliever

A perfect room spray to:

- Help aid sleep and relaxation
- Reduce anxiety and stress
- Use for yoga or meditation
- Use as a natural air freshener
- Help with pregnancy 

How to Use

Spray 1-3 times throughout your room or across your pillows and linen. Relax as the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils take hold.